albert street gospel hall

150 Albert St., Oshawa Ont.

Dear Folks,

We live in an era when much is uncertain all around us.  Many people are searching for reality, for peace with God to base their lives upon.  The bible gives us the bedrock facts to build upon.

"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Rom 5:l

It is clear then that an individual may know peace with God by trusting, that at Calvary, the Lord Jesus Christ paid the tremendous price for our sin.

"Having made peace, through the blood of his cross."

Col. 1:20

This is good news and we would like to invite you to Gospel Meetings to hear more of how you can know peace with God.  These meeting are at the Gospel Hall each Sunday evening from 7-8 p.m.  These are quiet, orderly and interesting meetings, where the listener will be challenged with their own responsibility toward the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are also invited to any of the regular meetings at the Albert Street Gospel Hall.

Sunday   Remembering the Lord                 10:00 am

         Sunday School & Adult Bible Class    12:00 pm

         Gospel Meeting                       7:00 pm

Tuesday  Prayer & Bible Study                 7:30 pm

P.S.   You  could have your sins forgiven and know peace with God.


We  are  your  servants  for  Jesus  sake.

Gary Oakes

312 Chadburn Court  

Oshawa, Ontario  

L1H 5V9


Ken  Nicholson

753 Central  Park Blvd. N., 

Oshawa,   Ontario

L1G   6B2 

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