Shu Yu

Welcome to my homepage! 

I am an economist at the World Bank (Washington DC) My research interest lies mainly in Economic Development, Political Economy, and Trade.

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Working Papers
  1. The Rise of China’s Multinationals" (with Randall Stone, Yu Wang),  submitted.
  2. Successful Coups and Economic Growth” (with Richard Jong-A-Pin), KOF Working papers 10-252revise and resubmit at European Journal of Political Economy.
  3. The Alma Mater Effect. Does Foreign Education of Political Leaders Influence Voting Behavior in the United Nations General Assembly?" (with Axel Dreher) CESifo working paper no. 5871, submitted.
  4. "The Successor's Dilemma and Social Mobilization: In the Case of Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution" (with Yuan Li and Yongjing Zhang), submitted.
  5. "Designated Succession: When Does It Work in Authoritarian Regimes?(with Yuan Li and Yongjing Zhang).
  6. "Africa Rising: Harnessing the Demographic Dividend" (with Paulo Drummond, Vimal Thakoor), IMF Working Paper no 14/143, cited in SSA Regional Economic Outlook (IMF, 2015).
  7. Political Stability, Leader Selection, and Economic Growth presented at the 2014 EPCS meeting, Cambridge and 2014 BBQ workshop, Heidelberg.
  8. ‘’Total Factor Productivity among Cities in China: Estimation and Explanation” (with Yan Xu), the Conference Board EPWP Np.12-01.
Research Experience
  • 2014: Post-doctoral Fellow at University of Rochester (Skanly Center)
  • 2013: the IMF Summer Internship Programme (Washington, D.C., USA)
  • 2010: the Robert H. McGuckin III Summer Fellowship in Economics, the Conference Board (NY, USA)