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Shuyang Yang
Economics Ph.D Candidate at Rutgers University (expected May 2017)
Fields: Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, Labor Economics

I am a Ph.D and job market candidate in Economics from Rutgers University. My primary research fields are health economics, public economics and applied econometrics. My current research agenda focuses on examining the impact of public spending in health insurance and health care markets. I have also developed new econometric methods to address the empirical challenges of studying the effects of health insurance. These methods have broad applications beyond topics in health economics. I expect to receive my doctoral degree in Spring 2017. I will be available for interview at the 2016 SEA Annual Conference in Washington DC and the 2017 ASSA meeting in Chicago.

Job Market Paper:
"The Heterogeneous Impact of Public Health Insurance on Healthcare Utilization and Health Outcome in China: Semiparametric Estimation of Panel Data Model"