What is it?

What does ShutUpBatterySaver do?

ShutUpBatterySaver tries to save battery by disconnecting your phone from internet under certain circumstances and by synchronizing to on line services only at scheduled times.
This means that you loose a bit of your "always connected" life in exchange of saving some extra battery.

How does it save battery?
By doing two main things.
  •  Switching OFF AutoSync due to...
    •     Low GSM/UMTS Signal Strength
    •     Timer
  •  Switching OFF Mobile Internet Connection due to...
    •     Low GSM/UMTS Signal Strength
What does it mean?
  • To Switch OFF AutoSync means that your accounts defined under the Settings->Accounts will stop syncing until AutoSync is back ON or a manual user sync is initiated.
  • To Switch OFF Mobile Internet Connections means... well, exactly, you no longer have internet connection! :)

Does it really work? 
Well, this a very good and at the same time subjective question.
This app is based on the following facts...
  •  Autosync eats a lot of battery
  •  I (as an user) dont care too much if i get my emails with some delay (AutoSync schedule)
  •  Mobile Internet Connection drain your battery really fast if you are in a Low Signal area for a long time.
  •  I (as an user) prefer to have phone functionality rather than not having anything at all because my battery died. So I prefer to disconnect Mobile Internet Connection in Low Signal area.

OK... So... Settings Explanation to follow

AutoSync Scheduler
Basically the idea behind is to enable Autosync for X minutes (let services sync and get new data) and then disable it during Y minutes. For example, imagine that we select "OFF Interval" 60 minutes and "ON Interval" 3 minutes. 
What this means is that ShutUpBatterySaver will enable android AutoSync during 3 minutes and then put it to OFF during 60 minutes. And the back to beginning, 3m ON, 60m OFF, etc, etc.

  • AutoSync Off Interval: You can select any of the preconfigured intervals or define your own one
  • AutoSync On Interval: You can select any of the preconfigured intervals or define your own one
User can create a custom interval for both AutoSync Off and On. It can be set by clicking on the ">-- Set New --<" item. A pop up window will raise so you can enter the desired time in minutes.
Notice that the new user defined interval will be in the last item position of the drop down control. You will have it stored in that position until you decide to replace it by clicking again on  ">-- Set New --<".

Note: In order to edit the settings you must disable (put to OFF) AutoSync with the toggle button, edit settings and re-enable (put to ON) it.

Low Signal Control
If you enable this option, ShutUpBatterySaver will monitor the signal strength of your mobile phone. If it gets lower than...
  •  AutoSync Threshold, it will disable AutoSync and put it to OFF.
  •  Mobile Internet Threshold, it will disable Mobile Internet Connection.
Both conditions will be enabled again once the signal is greater than the corresponding threshold. 

Note: In order to edit the settings you must disable (put to OFF) Low Signal Control, edit settings by dragging the progress/seek bar and re-enable (put to ON) it.

Disable Low Signal Control for individual setting (AutoSync or Mobile Internet Connection)
If you set the progress/seek bar to its right-most value, you will see a message "Control disabled" under that funtion. This means that Low Signal Control will ignore that function.
This is useful if the user want Low Signal Control funtion to manage Internet Connection on low signal, but not AutoSync. In this case, AutoSync progress/seek bar should be set to "Control disabled".

Possible conflicts:
  • If Low Signal Control says AutoSync shall be OFF, then even if Scheduler says ON, Autosync will be OFF.
  • If Low Signal Control says AutoSync can be ON, then it will be ON only if Scheduler says so.

But, What is dBm?
dBm is a logaritmical unit used to measure absolute Signal Strength in radiocomunications (among others). The higher it is the stronger the signal is. Take into account that higher means more positive.
The lowest value given by the phone is -113 dBm. This means that you are about to loose signal.
The highest value given by the phone is -51 dBm. This means very good signal.

Menu Settings
  1. Notification 
    • Shows a permanent notification in the NotificationBar.
  2. Prevent APN OFF/Screen ON
    • Prevent Mobile Internet Connection to be switched OFF due to Low Signal if Screen is ON.
  3. Hide Log
    • Hide the Log at the main screen

Who is behind this?