Shut In - Campaign to Close Institutions

Shut In - Campaign to Close Institutions

“I have many friends now: people I can talk to, go to dinner with, and call on for support. I am in charge of my life now, I make my own decisions and I am free” - Kim Walker

Kim lived in institutions for 17 years.  In the years following her move into the community she became a passionate advocate for the closure of all institutions in Australia. Kim passed away in 2011, much to the loss of disability advocacy and the community in general.
To hear Kim speak out on why she supported the Shut In campaign, watch her video here.

Shut In is the campaign to take action against the ongoing congregation, segregation and isolation of people with disability in institutions.
Add your voice to the growing numbers of people who want to be counted in the fight to close institutions.

To endorse the campaign, write to us at with the subject line “Endorse” and leave your name and, if you wish, a short message of encouragement.

Both Individuals and Organisations can endorse the campaign.

We’re calling on Australian Governments to:

•    Allocate and provide the resources necessary for residents to move to individualised community based housing and support options that will support their inclusion and participation in the general community.

•    Significantly increase the availability of social support services necessary for persons with disability to live in and be a part of the community (such as personal care, domestic assistance, and daily living skills support). These measures ought to be subject to explicit, measurable targets.

•    Stop the redevelopment of ‘contemporary’ institutions that are segregated simulations of the larger congregate style accommodation they take as their precedents.  They continue to segregate and isolate persons with disability from their non-disabled peers in contradiction to Article 19 of CRPD

Shut In Position Statement and PWD Position Paper - Accommodating Human Rights

On August 2 2011 the national Shut In Campaign released its Position Statement on Housing and Support for People with Disability, which is based on the rights contained in the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD).

The Statement is drawn from the PWD Position Paper - Accomodating Human Rights.

The Statement provides a brief outline of why people with disability should be able to live in the community with housing options equal to others, and why these options must support the inclusion and participation of people with disability in community life.

Click here to download the Shut In Position Statement on Housing and Support for People with Disability
or read the Statement in full here

The full PWD position paper provides a detailed analysis of the rights contained in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in relation to housing, and housing and support for people with disability.

The purpose of the position paper is to highlight the human rights dimensions in housing and housing and support for persons with disability against a backdrop of systemic violation, and failure to protect, respect and fulfill these rights in the Australian context.
PWD Special Edition LinkUp - Living in the Community

This edition of LinkUp focuses on an issue of fundamental importance to people with disability – deinstitutionalisation and the right to live in and belong to the community. Living in the community is a basic right that most people take for granted; one which includes the right to participate in the community just like everyone else.

This edition of LinkUp was published in February 2006; unforunately, many of the issues it addresses are still relevant today.

LinkUp 136 - Living in the Community PDF

A Place To Call Home: Talking About Devolution

In 2010
Greystanes Disability Services produced this excellent resource, which is designed to assist families, community groups, service providers and students in discussing devolution and its critical role in enabling a person with a disability to live a full life in their community. See the Trailer below -

To learn more about the full DVD and how to purchase, visit Greystanes Disability Services