You Can Never Go Home Again

Post date: Feb 20, 2016 1:49:53 PM


System: tremulus GM: Lee Brooks

Saturday, Mar 12, 1-5pm

A Lovecraftian story for tremulus, powered by the Apocalypse World engine.

Thomas Wolfe had it right, you can never go home again, but unfortunately you have to. The patriarch of one of the characters has passed away and the character and a group of friends are returning home to pay homage to this great man.

tremulus is a storytelling game of Lovecraftian horror where you take on the role of a person who has been destined to live an interesting life, one touched by blood and bile, dark revelations and horrible sacrifice. The weight of the world is upon your shoulders as you strive to drive back the darkness threatening to drown it out.

From the back of the book

Want to See Something Really Scary?

We all do. tremulus lets you and your friends make terrifying stories together. No experience necessary. And dice? You only need a pair of regular old six-sided dice, like you find in most family board games. If you've never played any roleplaying games in the past, then this is a great game to start with.

What if I know nothing about Lovecraft?

If you know what scares you or your friends, that knowledge and the guidance found in tremulus will give you more than enough to get going. (It's not homework, but if you haven't read any of HPL's work, go find some. You're in for a real treat.)

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