The Hand of the Pit

Post date: Mar 17, 2018 1:55:22 PM

The Hand of the Pit

System: Torchbearer

GM: Matthew Presson

Saturday, March 24, 8am

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Snow falls from darkening skies in the village of Stenby. Winter is early this year, and the village’s stockpiles of food are gone along with several of its people—stolen by the Ogre of Whelcrag and his raiders. They descended upon Stenby three days ago during the Harvest Festival, slaying and burning until they had claimed all they could carry.

The villagers will need help if they are to survive the winter. Someone must enter the forbidden mine, rescue the kidnapped villagers and steal back the village’s food. And then there is the matter of the trove of looted treasures the stories say the Ogre of Whelcrag keeps in his demon-haunted lair...


Torchbearer is a dungeon crawl RPG from the creators of Mouse Guard and Burning Wheel, where players must balance their goals and ambitions against an ever dwindling supply of food, light, and hope.

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