Savage Worlds - Weird War II: Mein Hirs

Post date: Mar 18, 2018 4:02:22 PM

Weird War II: Mein Hirs

System: Savage Worlds

GM: Darren Miller

Saturday, March 24 1pm

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December 21, 1944.

The Battle of the Bulge is only days old.

The heroes are assigned to man a roadblock at a bridge crossing the Aisne River in the small Belgian town of Fanzel, home to barely a hundred souls. Allied command does not believe the Germans are likely to exert much of a push in that direction, as Fanzel has little strategic importance, and the Aisne River is not a serious impediment to any major offensive, as it is relatively small, and there are numerous crossings.

But what do the reports of ancient standing stones in the vicinity mean for our heroes... and their enemies?

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