Savage Fallout: The New West

Post date: Feb 11, 2016 8:15:46 PM

Savage Fallout

Savage Fallout: The New West

Friday, March 11th at 6pm & Saturday, March 12th at 1pm, Savage Fallout comes to ShushCon.


War never changes.

It's because people never change, I reckon. They're greedy, cruel and hateful as ever.

The Great War that ended the world in atomic fire didn't change that. People still fight, over power, resources, technology, lines in the sand.

People never change but a man can have enough of war, of killing for a flag. Maybe that man moves on, tries to find himself some peace. And maybe war follows him.

The characters are holed up in the town of Longshot, on the edge of the New California Republic, smack dab in the way of the advancing Caesar's Legion. As restitution for crimes committed, the mayor of Longshot needs their help defending the town against the Legion.

The odds are against them, but hey... at least the pay is terrible!