RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge

Post date: Mar 10, 2018 1:49:03 PM

This year, due its the tremendous success at SCARAB Gaming Con 2018, the RPG Pharaoh and SwarmCast Podcast host Jon Maness will be bringing the RPGs Pharaoh’s Challenge ShushCon Edition!

In the Challenge, GMs will be given a gaming system from the Era line of games by Shades of Vengeance (shadesofvengeance.com), and a few random plot and NPC elements to work into a game to run in the Saturday Afternoon gaming slot. One hour before the Saturday session slot begins (noon), Jon will given all the GMs their random elements to start crafting their adventures!

The challenge will run at 1pm game slot on Saturday, and afterwards, the players and a judge will score how well the game went, including how well the GM worked in the random elements and the level of fun and energy of the game.

The winner will be announced Saturday Evening. The ShushCon RPG Pharoah’s Challenge winner will receive the Pharaoh’s RPG Challenge Royal Librarian award and title for 2018, and all the glory that comes with it. It should be a fun experience for all. The only thing missing is you! To enter, go to warhorn and sign up to GM or play.

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