Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Pretty Things

Post date: Mar 17, 2018 2:43:29 PM

Pretty Things

System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

GM: Matthew Presson

Sunday, March 25, 9am

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We open on the north bank of the River Stir near the Stirland-Talabecland border, with our fine characters spending a quiet night at the Inn of the Strutting Rooster before setting off westward towards the Old Forest Road. This is the first time many of our band have set foot beyond the villages they knew as home, and whether they set off purposely to join the great war raging to the north, or find themselves fleeing from the overzealous fires of the devotees of Sigmar, happenstance allowed them all to meet here at the inn.

Surely nothing too dangerous will befall our humble adventurers here at the inn, as they make their way further into the grim and perilous world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay...


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition is a percentile based game of wheeling, dealing, and fighting your way across the conflict soaked world of Warhammer Fantasy. Starting from your lowly life as a rat catcher (or worse), you may one day find yourself in the lofty role of a high noble, a wizard, or as a champion of your people. Assuming you survive, of course.

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