Metalhead Contract

Post date: Mar 11, 2018 5:39:36 PM

System: FATE Core

GM: Lydia Denoyer

Saturday, March 24th, at 1pm

Warhorn Link:

You have finally made it to the fringes of the known galaxy – the Ronine Territories. Whether you seek work as a smuggler of rare resources or a scientist documenting new life or something else entirely, you know that any member of any race has the chance to strike it big in space’s frontier.

You also know that you need to restock up on your personal resources in order to survive the tumultuous starscape of shifting alliances and pirate fleets. When the Noheman – man? woman? the voice of the bulky, quadruped combat model did nothing to help you assign a pronoun to the digital mind within – approached you with a high-paying job, you agreed. The metalheads usually keep to themselves, but the oldest known race doesn’t lie or cut throats like the others around them.

Your mission? Go to the planet of Paena and retrieve some artifacts. Which, of course, isn’t as easy as it sounds: Paena’s jungles are home to huge fauna that have previously deterred most settlers from making an outpost. Pirates, however, are not always so picky, and are rumored to have a base on the planet. Try not to attract their attention.

What does this remote planet have in store, and why are the Nohemans so cautious about retrieving the artifacts? Be careful, or else your dreams of creating a name for yourself in the Ronine Territories might not get past your first job.


This game will be run in Fate Core. Whether you play as human or alien, each race has some of its own special abilities along with access to supernatural powers.

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