Post date: Feb 20, 2016 2:12:32 PM

System: End of the World

GM: Donald DennisSunday, Mar 13, 1-5pmEvery religion spins tales about the end times, but we have skipped blissfully past predicted end of the world scenarios. Apocalypse, Ragnarock, Y2K, Heaven’s Gate, and even the Mayan Calendar just didn’t happen. Until now, when the elder gods have risen from the pages of geek fiction and are devouring mankind.

How well would you and your friends survive Armageddon?

That question is more important than you think. Look around the table, these are the people you will be suffering through the end of the world with. There are no heroes to save the day; the Angels of God are absent, the Ghostbusters are just characters in a movie, and the police are overwhelmed. The only prep you have is your geeky background and your only resources are what you bring to the table. Perhaps buying that replica Necronomicon from the Friends of the Library Book Sale wasn’t as dumb as it seemed.

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