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FATE/Unlimited Dice Rolls

posted Mar 17, 2018, 5:46 PM by Donald Dennis

FATE/Unlimited Dice Rolls

System: Fate Accelerated
GM: Stephanie Frey
Sunday, Mar 25th 2pm
Register for FATE/Unlimited Dice Rolls on Warhorn 

Ever wanted to play the Legendary King Arthur as a high school girl? Want to see Odysseus try to comprehend bitcoin? Want to be Alexander the Great crashing a hot rod into an office building? This game might be for you.

Everyone is always after the Holy Grail, and why not? This ancient chalice can grant your every wish. Turns out you and your friends have found this great loophole hidden in the Dead Sea Scrolls that basically says you can work together as a team, you think. You might be mixing up your apocryphal metaphors. Either way, it’s too late now because the other mages have caught wind of this and are doing the same thing. Time to go get that cup or die trying.

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