Dresden Files RPG

Post date: Mar 13, 2018 4:06:41 PM

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Oscar

System: FATE/Dresden Files

GM: Ben Counts

Friday, March 23, 1pm

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It’s a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining.

Somewhere else.

This is Philadelphia in January and a bunch of Faeries want you to bring down an ex-special forces operative who can kill you with his brain. Do you have what it takes to capture, kill, or even reform Sgt. Oscar Delgado?

The Dresden Files RPG, built using Fate. More fun than riding an undead dinosaur through the streets of Chicago, and that’s saying a lot.

Hobbes Calling

System: FATE/Dresden Files

GM: Ben Counts

Friday, March 23, 6pm

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New Kareia is a hotbed of clashing nationalisms in Southeastern Europe. Surrounded by hostile foreign powers on all sides, the Little City State That Could is also one of the biggest hubs for espionage and occult trafficking on the planet.

With the fall of the Red Court, New Kareia has also become the unintended home of a certain briefcase holding the title deed to the soul of the Southwestern United States. A semi-mortal mobster named Lou Cragat has acquired the brief case and its latest 'owner' with the intention to auction both of them off at midnight. He advertised it on CraigsList. He doesn't seem to realize, or maybe he just doesn't care, that a sleeping demon-god might wake up any day now if the briefcase isn't brought back to Las Vegas.

Your bosses care though.

And they're sending you in with a simple mission: Get the briefcase back by any means necessary.

Least Worst Option

System: FATE/Dresden Files

GM: Ben Counts

Saturday, March 24, 1pm

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That Castle Dracula they pawn off on the tourists? That's fake. The real one looms in the shadow of Romania, in the occult Neverneverland where the real Transylvania used to be. Centuries ago, Vlad Dracula died sealing something awful in the dungeon beneath the castle.

Now the Black Court is trying to set it free.

Papa Dracul ain't happy, and neither is the White Council. That's where you come in. You're Wardens. Some of you survived the Red Court War, some of you came on after that whole mess drew to a close. Your mission, no matter where you come from, is to secure the castle and stave off Armageddon for another day. If you fail...

Try not to fail.

Slaying a Dreamer

System: FATE/Dresden Files

GM: Ben Counts

Saturday, March 24, 6pm

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Ever wonder what it'd take to kill an elder thing from beyond Time and Space?

Probably more than you got. But maybe, if you play your cards just right, you'll be able to lop off the tentacles it's shoving into reality. Take a trip out out to the wild cold yonder of Canada, America's favorite hat. Also home to the world's largest population of demonic cannibals, a doomsday cult, and a murderous outpost full of mad scientist lumberjacks. Good luck telling which one's which.

The Dresden Files RPG, built using Fate and doused in Filth from the Secret World. More fun than riding shotgun on an undead dinosaur with stars burning in its eyes burning in its eyes.

And isn't that just saying so much, Chuck?

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