The Way of Go by Desmond Meraz

Gateway to All Marvels edited by John Fairbairn


Go For Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto

This is a classic introduction to the game written by a high-ranking Japanese professional who passionately dedicated himself to teaching and spreading go throughout the United States. It contains an explanation of the basic rules and elementary tactics of gameplay. A few of the author's exemplary games are used to illustrate the practical application of basic principles. Lucid and intelligent, this is the ideal introduction for the aspiring player. (Pantheon)

Basic Techniques of Go by Nagahara Yoshiaki and Haruyama Isamu

This book is one of the first written by Japanese professionals that was published originally in English rather than in Japanese. It is a masterful exposition of all of the fundamental strategies needed to enable one to reach shodan, the first level of mastery. After reading the previous book and learning the basic rules, one can theoretically read this book exclusively, thoroughly assimilating its principles, and have no need to pursue any other volume before achieving 1-dan. (Kiseido)

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Kageyama Toshiro

Whereas the previous books are formal and technical, this one is personal and anecdotal. The author shares his recollections from a career spanning seven years of amateur and twenty-two years of professional play while expounding the funamental elements of gameplay with idiosyncratic and lighthearted wit and humor. The basic message of this book is that simplicity rather than sophistication and a thorough understanding of the basics are what cause one to fully appreciate and master the game of Go. (Kiseido)