Courses Taken

Spring 2012
Digital Circuits Lab

Fall 2012
Artificial Intelligence (Stanford worldwide course)

Spring 2011
Brain Computer Interface

Fall 2010
Large scale machine learning
Seminar on Machine Learning (Active learning, online clustering, climate informatics)
Digital Signal Processing (audited)

Spring 2010
Music Signal Processing (audited)

Fall 2009
Advanced Machine Learning
Optimization methods in Machine learning
Introduction to Computational Learning Theory (audited)

Spring 2009
Introduction to Machine Learning
Seminar in Machine Learning

Fall 2008
Topics in Mathematical Finance
Monte Carlo methods in rare-event simulation

Spring 2008
Stochastics Modelling 2 (continuous-time)
Optimization 2 (discrete optimization)
Probability 2
Seminar on mathematical finance

Fall 2007
Stochastics Modelling 1 (discrete time)
Optimization 1
Algorithms & Data structures
Numerical methods in PDE