Integration with Emerging Health Management ToolsMobile health (mHealth) technology is providing great opportunities to enhance various healthcare practices. By 2018, it is anticipated that there will be 1.5 billion smartphone users worldwide who will use a healthcare application. While mHealth tools, together with the innovations in other health information technologies, are enhancing our data collection, communication, and healthcare delivery capacities, these tools need to be equipped with smart decision-making methodologies to maximize their impact in real-world healthcare settings. The Figure below shows the user interface of a mobile monitoring tool, named as mPOWEr [11], for which we have been developing and implementing our methodologies for disease progression modeling, risk monitoring, and prediction, etc. mPOWEr is developed for monitoring surgical patients by collecting data such as pre-operative variables, individual’s clinical and physiological variables, operative variables, post-operative variables, and outcomes. It includes a patient-facing mobile app and provider-facing web-based reporting dashboard that will provide a secure solution to remotely monitor surgical wounds for infectionmPOWEr will be a critical approach for filling in the gap in the care process, particularly for the surgical patients after discharge.

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