Follow these simple steps to read your eBook:

1. Once you have purchased the eBook, you will get an email from the author as well as automatic email(s) from Google Docs-you should activate each link you get in these automatic emails (the number varies from the number of purchased eBooks). Once you have visited the links, your email will have been activated; from this point on, you can use the links on the sidebar to the right, each time you want to read the eBook 
(choose the ArchiCAD version, and the eBook).

2. You will have to log-in with your google account. (If you do not have a google account, you can simply sign up with the email address you have specified, when you made the purchase. Please go ::here: and set up your account. It literally takes 2 minutes).

3. Depending on the purchased eBook, you will see some folder(s) and eBook parts; you should download the files from the separated folder, because you will need them for the course. Afterwards choose the part of the eBook, which you would like to read at the time (note that due to copyright, you will not be able to print nor download the eBook).

P.S. If the folder of an eBook says it's empty, you should do the following: activate the link you got per automatic email again, and then click on Open in Drive.


4. Enjoy unlimited time of online reading.
Please note:
you can also read the eBook offline, but you have to make sure the part, that you want to read, has opened thoroughly, while you are connected to internet: zoom in the page to your desired ratio, and scroll each page, until it displays as fully loaded! Remember not to close the web browser, until you have finished the offline reading.

If you do not want to read the eBooks on your computer, you can read them on your Android Tablet:

or iPad:

Click on the image to install Google Docs for Android Tablet or iPad respectfully.