About the eBook:
What is an eBook?
eBook is like an ordinary book delivered in electronic form, and available to you for reading online. There is a number of advantages of an eBook in comparison to a printed book:
  • there are no additional costs of printing and publishing, hence the e-Book is generally available for a lower price.
  • there are no shipping costs, handling fees, etc.
  • the book is brought to you (your computer) instantly, and is available where ever you are (by using computer which is connected to internet).
  • as it is a book for learning ArchiCAD, you can read the e-Book and work in the program simultaneously, just by swapping the two windows.
  • the quality of the snapshots used to explain the process is in high(er) resolution, and therefore zoom-able.
  • each week the author organizes a live chat online, where you could post a specific question, or problem which is bothering you. He (and other colleagues) can provide you with a solution.
  • an updated version of the book is delivered to you automatically (in case of errors, misspelling, etc.)
Which version of ArchiCAD is covered in the book?
Version of ArchiCAD 16-17-18 International was used for the workflow and generating high-res. snapshots. You can use any of the Master Classes books to learn any of the localized versions of ArchiCAD, which you use in your country. 

Which working units are used for the project?
Both metric and US customary units are used in the book (only exception is Master Class 3, which is featured in metric units only, since Maxwell Render does not support US Customary units).

How long it will take me to finish the course Master Class 1, covered in the first eBook?
As it is a step-by-step tutorial, only you can set the pace for the course, because it is indeed your individual course. There are around 50+ hours, that you could spend reading and practicing the topics covered in the book.

Do I need a previous knowledge of ArchiCAD?
No, you do not have to have previous knowledge of ArchiCAD for the Master Class 1, the eBook goes from the start, and works its way to intermediate knowledge of the program. Please note that you will need a previous knowledge of ArchiCAD 17-18, to follow the Appendices 1&2 for MC1 and MC2.

What if I already know something in ArchiCAD, will this book be of a good use for me as well?
Yes it will. If you have a limited knowledge of ArchiCAD, and you would like to fill up the holes, then you will find this book very useful, because it teaches you how to design an architectural project in ArchiCAD from start to finish, avoiding common mistakes. You could also purchase Appendix for MC1, which starts form an intermediate knowledge of ArchiCAD. You have an intermediate knowledge, you can start with the Master Class 2 (MC2). You can find our WIZARD useful, to help you decide which book to start with.

Can I get a hard copy of the book?
No, unfortunately the printed edition has sold out.

Can I save or print the eBook?
Due to the copyright, you are not allowed to save nor print the eBook (it is available for online reading only). Please read the Terms & Conditions before making your purchase.

Ordering and pricing:
Is there a student discount available for ordering the book?
We have a SALE period right now, and the amazing discounted price is available for everyone!

Are there discounts available?
There is a "bundle discount" - a discount which is calculated if you buy two or more books in a single order. Please go ::here: to see up-to-date info.

How do I buy the book?
Please visit the link ::here: and you will get access to a page, where you can buy the book on-line, on this website.

How can I pay for the book?
You can pay by using your PayPal account, or a credit card (at no extra cost). You can also make a bank payment (you can see further details for bank transfers ::here:).

Is it safe to pay with a credit card?
If you have a PayPal account, then you are already aware, that it is a simplest, easiest and most secure payment on-line there is. If you want to pay with a credit card, and do not have a PayPal account, your card details are only visible to PayPal (it will finalize the payment and your order for you), so again it is very secure. You can read more about PayPal, on their external link ::here:.

How long does it take to process my payment?
The processing time depends on your payment type:
If you pay with a credit card or by using your your PayPal account, you will get access of the e-book shortly (as these payments have to be processed manually, it can take up to 24 hours, depending on your current time zone. It usually takes 1-2 hours).
If you make the bank transfer, it can take up to a week until the payment is cleared by the bank.

Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a refund, when the payment was processed, and you have got the link of the eBook. Therefore we advise you to read through the free preview on the homepage, and decide whether the eBook is for you. We can however offer you a refund, due to unexpected system crash, or long time delay of the verification email.
As for the printed edition of the book, no refunds are offered.

System requirements:
On which web-browsers is the eBook supported?
The eBook is hosted on the google docs, and is available on all major internet browsers, for both PC and Mac users. Please try out the free preview, which you can find on the home page, and open it in any web browsing program of your choice. If it works, that means that the e-Book will also work, after you have made your purchase.

Do I have to stay online the whole time while I am reading the eBook?
No, you do not have to stay online for the whole time you want to read the eBook. But you will have to allow the web site to load the part of eBook you have opened, if you plan to read it offline. Note that some options might be unavailable in offline mode. Remember not to close the web browser, until you have finished reading the eBook offline.
So make sure you have opened the part you want to read thoroughly: zoom in the page to your desired ratio, and scroll each page, until it displays as fully loaded!

Do I have to register?
You do not have to register, nor sign-in to view the free preview. However you must have a google account, prior to making a purchase. If you already have gmail, you can simply sign-in and use this email address. If you are not registered within google, please make an account ::here:. It literally takes one minute, and you can use any email you own!

On which computer can I use the eBook?
You can read the eBook on any computer which has an internet connection and any of the web browsing program installed.

I am having problems viewing the Google Docs on my iPad, what can I do?
Try using the Safari browser. Anyway the eBook is meant to be read on a computer, at the same time you are practicing ArchiCAD, so you just need to switch between the two windows. If you prefer reading the eBook on your iPad, please refer to these links below, for support from:

You still have a question? Contact us ::here:.