What is an eBook?
eBook is like any ordinary book, which is delivered in electronic form, and available to you for online reading*.

What advantages has an eBook over a printed one?

There is a number of advantages over a printed book, some of them include, but are not limited to:
  • there are no additional costs of printing and publishing, hence the e-Book is generally available for a lower price.
  • there are no shipping costs, handling fees, etc.
  • the book is brought to you (your computer) instantly, and is available where ever you are (by using a computer which is connected to internet).
  • as it is a book for learning ArchiCAD, you can read the eBook and work in the program simultaneously, just by swopping the two windows.
  • the quality of the snapshots used to explain the process is in high(er) resolution, and therefore zoom-able.
  • each week the author organizes a live chat online, where you could post a specific question, or problem which is bothering you. He (and other colleagues) can provide you with a solution.
  • an updated version of the book is delivered to you automatically (in case of errors, misspelling, etc.)
*Please note that due to copyright, you will not be able to save the eBook

You can read the eBook on all major web browsers, like Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, etc.
If you can open the free preview of an eBook, and you will be able to read the eBook as well.

If you do not want to read the eBook on your computer, you can always use your:
Android Tablet