Mission Statement

The mission of the Southwest High School Media Center is to guide students to reading, learning, and thinking.  These skills will become increasingly vital as we progress through the 21st Century.  In our to help our students in these three areas, the Library will:

  • Provide a wide variety of books of various levels, formats, diversity, and points of view.
  • Build and maintain the Accelerated Reader Program
  • Train teachers in the uses of Accelerated Reader
  • Present Book Talks as requested
  • Help Students to find interesting and relevant material in our collection.
  • Students will be taught how to find, evaluate, and use information in the Library and on the World Wide Web.
  • Work with teachers to create collaborative learning experiences.
  • Teach students to present their learning in a variety of formats.
  • Students will analyze information to understand its purpose/or bias.
  • Students will formulate their own opinions based on research and what they think.
  • Critical thinking will be part of all instruction.