If you like this, try

  1. Do you have an e-reader or do you like to read on a computer? Many books that are no longer under copyright can be downloaded for free from various sites.  Open this document and fill it out.  We will be happy to check and see if these books are available there.
  2. Print out this form and ask Mr. Burt or one of the Library Science Students to help you to find a book.
  3. Examine the list below and open the title or author you are interested in and look at those books in the catalog.
  4. Use the WHAT SHOULD I READ NEXT Link at the bottom of this page.

Each of these books and authors have books that are similar to them in our library.  Feel free to print up one of these lists and look for them.
Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code)
Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower
S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders)
Ellen Hopkins (Impulse)
David Pelzer (A Child Called It)
Luis Rodriguez (Always Running)

Another way to find books that are similar to one you have enjoyed is this website.
On this site, you type in the title of a book and you will recieve a whole list of books recommended by the users of this site.  Unfortunately, we don't have every book that is on the list.  You may check our catalog to see if we have the book in our collection.