How To



Media Center Intro--It is a little old but still helpful
How to find a book--How to use the Catalog
Media Center Maps--Where we are
The Research Process--An intro from Oregon Library Information Services
Using a database--An intro to databases

MLA Style
Hacker Handbooks--Detailed examples of different citations and how a paper should look in MLA format
Purdue University OWL--This online writing lab has videos and lots of examples
MLA Note Card Guides--copy and paste these, then fill them out and you will be able to do your Works Cited List.
Bibme--an online bibliography maker that will help you with your Works Cited List.

Writing Examples
These examples are MS Word documents from Microsoft Templates.  To use them open the link.  Press File then Download and save as a Word Document.
How to Do DBQs (Coming Soon)