Summer Camp 2019

I am pleased to report that Sacred Heart will host its 2019 Debate August 19-23.  More details will be posted shortly.  In the meanwhile, here is the brief report on last year's camp, some of whose campers are pictured above.

Whew!  That was quite a week.  74 campers from Victoria to Halifax attended our 14th Annual Debate Camp at Sacred Heart -- and  enjoyed glorious Halifax sunshine (when they weren't learning more about debate).  I was delighted to be able to welcome some debaters back for the fourth time -- and some debaters from the Edmonton and Vancouver camps.

My thanks to those of you who made this possible:  Our families who agreed to take billets;  Bonnie LeFrank and Basia Sowinski who kept us fed; and our very talented camp staff - Arshia Vosoughi, Ben Gillis, Blair MacDonald, Catherine Burke, Chris George, Clarissa Brisseau, Daphne Gray-Grant, Duncan Watts Grant, Faris Kapra, Gab Duguay, Henry Howe, Josh Judah, Joshua Cohen, Kathryn Bjornson, Kyla Shields, Matt Edmonds, Mattea Roach, Matthew Farrell, Olivia Huyhn, Patricia Donnelly, Rhys Nickerson, Rory Flynn, Sarah Bjornson and Stephen McCarthy.