2019 Senior Nationals

Winners of the 2019 Donahoe Cup and Senior National Title: Amelia Hadfield (left) and Jaylynn Barth from Brentwood College School in B.C.

Senior Nationals and Donahoe Cup results

Every spring, Sacred Heart hosts the Donahoe Cup, named in honour of the Donahoe family. This was its 14th year. This year, and once before, we held the event in conjunction with the Senior National Debating Championships, which each province takes a turn in hosting. We awarded the Donahoe Cup to the winner of the nationals. Because every debater qualified at a previous event in his or her respective province, the competition was very high.

Debating in this event were 124 students. This is the first year in the event's history that there was a delegation from all ten provinces. Six Sacred Heart and Fountain Academy students were part of Team Nova Scotia, most of whom are in grade 9 or 10. Anisha Rajaselvam was the highest-ranking debater from our school.

It takes an incredible amount of volunteer power to run an event of this size, and we thank everyone who gave of their time, including coaches Brian Casey, Patricia Donnelly, Kathryn Bjornson and Christina McKay. We also thank the administration of Sacred Heart for graciously hosting tournaments at this facility.