In 2017-18, we had more than 22,000 views of our debate sites.  We hope you find the materials helpful.

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Sacred Heart and Fountain Academy have one of the largest debating programmes in Canada with more than 60 students who take part during the year. 

In 2017-2018, our students had another outstanding year—14 different students won major awards (and we took all top seven spots at the junior provincials!):

·1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th at the Nova Scotia Provincials (Anisha Rajaselvam, Eamon Roach, Rebecca Chipman, Cullen Roach, Julia Wright, Amelia Wallworth and Emily Coffin);

·Provincial championship team and runner up team (Eamon Roach, Cullen Roach, Anisha Rajaselvam and Rebecca Chipman);

·Runners up at the Junior High Nationals (Eamon Roach and Cullen Roach); 

·1st, 2nd and 3rd and 5th at the University of Toronto tournament in the junior category (Julia Wright, Eamon Roach and Cullen Roach and Amelia Wallworth); both teams were junior finalists in the championship round;

·Champions in the junior category of the Queen’s University High School tournament (Julia Wright, Amelia Wallworth); and quarter finalists in the senior category (Ailie Sullivan);

·Finalists in the junior category of the McGill University High School tournament (Julia Wright, Amelia Wallworth), and 7th place team (Eamon Roach and Cullen Roach);

·Selected to represent Canada at Oxford University (Julia Wright, Amelia Wallworth, Eamon Roach and Cullen Roach);

·Senior High Champions, Armbrae Invitational tournament (Anisha Rajaselvam and Rebecca Chipman); runners up in the junior category (Evan Laurence and Will MacDonald);

·Champions in the junior category of the Dalhousie University tournament (Eamon Roach, Cullen Roach);

·Champions in the junior category of the Nova Scotia Provincial Impromptus (Rebecca Chipman, Anisha Rajaselvam);  3rd place in the senior category (Ailie Sullivan & Madeleine Peet);

·1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th at the Nova Scotia Provincial Impromptus (Anisha Rajaselvam, Rebecca Chipman, Julia Wright and Charlie Simms);

·Champions in the Novice Division of the Donahoe Cup (Malcolm Morency and Xander Biddulph).

While debating has been a feature of Sacred Heart education over many years, the present debate club was established in 1999. 

Sacred Heart School of Halifax and Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart have an extensive debate programme in both junior and senior high schools, and a unit for grade six students.

Our members debate in Nova Scotia Debating Society tournaments, and in major Canadian and international high school tournaments.  Students have placed first at the largest high school debating event in North America six times in the last twelve years.  One of our recent graduates was first individually at 36 high school tournaments.

Our Head Coach, Mr. Brian Casey, has been volunteering with the Club since 1999, and has been instrumental to the success of our students. Brian has been involved with Canadian debating since junior high school and has served as provincial coordinator of debating in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and served for many years on the executive of the Canadian Student Debating Federation, with the distinction of being its longest serving president. His interest in speech and debate extends to the university level where he teaches a course at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie preparing students for the Sopinka Cup moot, a national competition which his students have won three times. In his professional life Brian is a lawyer at Boyne Clarke.

Assisting Coach Casey are:

Ms. Kathryn Bjornson, Sacred Heart High School, Junior High Debating Club

Ms. Patricia Donnelly, Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart, Junior High Debating Club

Mrs. Christina Mckay, Sacred Heart High School, Senior High Debating Club

Ms. Robyn Andrecyk,  Sacred Heart High School, Junior High Debating Club

Our resources are available to any interested students or coaches.

Please contact Brian Casey for more information on our programme.

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