Use this template as a skeleton structure to create your SHS ePortfolio.  This template is by no means all your ePortfolio will be made of.  Add as much as you like, create pages in other places like,,, or any other place that may interest you and link them through your ePortfolio.

And don't forget to edit this page to be about you!

You can also check out some Video Tutorials to help explain how you can make your ePortfolio site as good as it can be.

Your Name
Future Goals:  enter any future goals you may have
Personal Statement ** Use this area to write a personal statement about what you feel this ePortfolio is presenting about you ... what does this ePortfolio mean to you.

After You Start your site, you should delete everything in RED, including this
For example ...

Future Goals:  I love helping people understand the world around them ... one day I would like to become a Physics teacher.

This ePortfolio gave me a chance to express myself in a way that goes above and beyond a number or a code.  I get to show my personality, skills, likes and dislikes and promote everything that makes me me, and makes me unique from everyone else.