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Evidence of Learning Explained

So, what does "Evidence of Learning" mean?  In class you have grades, in school you have overall goals, both of which are used to evaluate students in different ways.  The Evidences of Learning (sometimes called soft skills, 21st Century skills, etc) are skills, abilities and qualities that transcend high school and carry over into college, the military, the job market or many other parts of post high school life.  These are skills and qualities that give evidence of overall learning and quality of character and are rarely measurable on a report card, transcript of SAT test score.

Each Evidence of Learning is explained in more detail already on your site.  The Evidences of Learning align nicely with the Somerville High School standards.  This alignment is addressed under each Evidence, or you can look at a comparison table for an overall view.

The Evidences of Learning are just another way of cataloging the skills, abilities and qualities that makes a student unique and desirable as part of a college, family, military community, workforce and in general a valuable part of society.

What you should do first is to read through the Evidences of Learning to get an idea about what they mean.  Then under the section that says Goal Interpretation write a paragraph explaining what that particular Evidence of Learning means to you.  This is good to do in the beginning as you will then be able to notice when, for example, a piece of work you do in school, or an organization you work for outside of school exemplifies a particular Evidence of Learning.  Also when a prospective employer or college admissions officer looks at your site they really get a feel as to what that YOU think these evidences mean to you, and what story they tell about you.

The table below shows how the ePortfolio Evidences of Learning align with the Somerville High School Standards.

SHS Standards to Evidence of Learning