About The Site

As ePortfolios grow in their use at Somerville High School, this site will serve as a support site for the SHS ePortfolio Project.  Here you will be able to find tutorials including but not limited to "how to get your ePortfolio started", "how to embed documents and videos", "how to modify your eportfolio" or any other topic that might make it easier for students to display work and accomplishments that make them exceptional.  You will also find explainations of the Evidences of Learning, sample resumes and sample student ePortfolios, as well as resources to help make your ePortfolio a true expression of yourself.

If you are a student looking to create your eportfolio, please use the template at:


ePortfolio Template at SHS

This is a video presentation given to the MacArthur Foundation at Harvard discussing the use of ePortfolios at Somerville High School