Southport High School Class of 1968

October Already
Meet our 2018 Class Scholarship recipient.  She is a winner.
The Reunion is over.  Look at some pictures:

September 15th
This is the big day!  Everything is in place for a great event this evening.  6pm for the main event, 11pm for the after-party (Jake's Pub).  And if that is not enough, some suggested places to meet up in smaller groups Sunday morning are on the 50th Reunion Activities link. 

Early September 2018

Late August 2018

It will be here before you know it!  If you want to sign up look at the block of text just above this post.
So what do you get for $50 for the main event?
6pm -11pm  A casual event (dress casual or as you wish, yes it is OK to show up in costume - there is only one 50th)  50/50 Raffle, an hour of live music by Ken and Debbie Wilson, free high resolution photos by Ken Kopecky and Rod Prather, cash bar,  hors d'oeuvres, long putt contest, DJ (he is supposed to keep it tamed down so we don't have to yell to carry on a conversation), group photo by professional photographer, comments by class officers and special recognitions, additional snacks and cake.  And if that isn't enough, there is an after-party at Jake's Pub at Southprot Road & Bluff Road immediately following at 11pm.

August 2018

We are fast approaching the big event!  Sign up and send in your check if you haven't yet.  Check out the additional activities and contact the individuals sponsoring the ones you want to attend.  Take a look at the "Who's Coming to the 50th" link on the left to check out who will be there.  And don't fret not recognizing people, Jan Moorhead is making nametags with our senior pictures from the '68 Anchor.

May 2018

Now we are up to just over 100 total are signed up. 
We need to pick up the pace if we are going to make it to 200 or more attendees.  Send your check today. 

February 2018

About 50 folks are signed up so far.  Why wait? Look for more exciting stuff coming soon.

November 2017

Reunion planning and finding people to contact is all the buzz.  Look at the 'Missing Classmates' list to see if there is anyone you know whom you have contact information for.  It could be you!  There are many of you that we have only an email address or phone number, it would be helpful if you could send postal address.  If in doubt, please send your information as much of what we have is several years old. Whatever you can offer, send to

In the near future there will be a survey posted here asking about interest in various activities surrounding the reunion (golfing, biking, school tour, brewery tour, wine tasting, getting the old bands back together, pre-party, after-party, and more).  Please respond so the committee can arrange those events if interest is adequate.

May 2017
 Madeline Beck received our 2017 Scholarship - Thank you to all who donated.

May 2016
  Anna Gunderson received our 2016 Class of '68 Scholarship
Ellen Norcross Johnson, Anna, Patrick Huehls
May 2015
 Our 2015 Scholarship recipient is Doris Dong who will study pharmacy at Purdue.
Phyllis Powell with Doris Dong.
June 2014                                                                           
Meet Kendall Bowles, our 2014 Class of '68 Scholarship Recipient:
Kendall with his Mother and Step-grandfather
Charla Fromer Simons, Kendall, Patrick Huehls

Kendall will be attending Purdue University this Fall where he plans to major in Computer Science.  He is also interested in graphic design, creative writing, government, philosophy, philanthropy, and experimental music composition.  Kendall has an excellent academic record at Southport, graduating 13th in his class of 506.

A special thanks to this year's donors:

Michele Alvis Harmon
Connie Biddlecombe Stevenson
Phil Borst
Deborah Brandes Hildebrandt
Robert Burns
Donn Culver (Becky Teater's Husband)
Vicki Clemmer Fegett
Paula Elsbury Sheehan
Mike Frey
Charla Fromer Simons
Pam Deutsch Shroyer
Sharman Garriott Hill
Sandra Garten
Marilyn Gill Ross
Teresa Glusenkamp Overly
Phil Hammond
Dan & Vicky [Muff] Hancock
Gary Henry
Patrick Huehls
Larry Huff
Steve Hussey
Bill Kling
Ken Kopecky
Larry McCauley
Rob Mercer
Ellen Norcross Johnson
Sandra Robinson Marinella
Steve Rusher
Jan Russler
Jane Ryker Ansty
Susan Sturm Alexander
Michael Tetrick
Pam Waldo Swiss
David Weaver
Gary Wells
Karen Winhorst Mork
Steve Wisdom
Sandi Zaiser Hilton


It is done.
The 45th that is.  The 50th is now in our site.  More to come about that.  Watch your email for the survey to get your input for it.
Meantime, click on 'Pictures' link on the left.  Just a few so far, so if you have some email them to and they will be added.
Too late to sign up for the 45th now...BUT...
There are a couple of other events you can just show up for: 

The Pre-Party: Friday, July 19th, 7:30pm - 10:30pm, Tip Top Tavern & Grille [14th & Capitol Av. -- two blocks south of Methodist Hospital]

The After-Party: Immediately following the main event, ~11 - close, Old Meridian Pub, corner of Epler Ave. and Old Meridian St. (1 block West of State Road 135).

Check back here next week and try the "Pictures!" link to see photos of the reunion, etc.

Time to send your checks for the 45th Reunion !
We are planning a casual evening to catch up with old friends.
There will be heavy appetizers throughout the evening (instead
of dinner) and a cash bar. 
Saturday, July 20, 6pm - 11pm
Send checks for tickets ($30 / person) payable to:
Ann Garrison
8203 Railroad Road
Indianapolis, IN 46217
We have to provide a final count of people and pay for
it all on July 6th, so send your check right away if you plan
to be there.  Since we can only have the banquet hall until
11pm, there is an after-party in the planning stages.  Check
back here or on the facebook group page for more on this.
May 2013
Meet this year's Class of '68 Scholarship recipient Jonah Meier:
Jonah with his parents
Jonah with his parents.
Jonah with our classmates
Left to right: Vicky Muff Hancock ['68], Dan Hancock ['68], Jonah, Jonah's Mom, Jonah's Dad, Russell Burk, Nancy Uhls Burk ['68]
Thank you to the following donors who made this possible:
Michele Alvis Harmon

Phil Borst 

Linda Carrigan Hardin
Melanie English Salter
Mike Frey       
Charla Fromer Simons
Sandra Garten
Marilyn Gill Ross
Jacque Goben Comella
Phil Hammond
Dan and Vicky Hancock
Steve Hancock
Alan Hilgeman           
Pat Huehls      
Steve Hussey 
Susan Jones Stansell
Mike and Teresa Kinnick       
Bill Kling       
Ken Kopecky 
Larry Mc Cauley        
Rob Mercer    
Jan Moorehead           
Phyllis Powell
Jane Ryker Ansty
Freddi Jacobi-Stevens
Karen Streitelmeier Oyler
Susan Sturm Alexander
Doug Thompson
Sue Thompson
Mary Ursits
Gary Wells     
Ken Wilson
And because this year's scholarship was in memory of Chris Danner, we also received donations from: Jay Danner (his brother) and Betty Danner (his widow).
April 2013
Our reunion is taking shape.  Our big challenge is finding everyone.  There are almost 180 for whom we have no contact information.  Check the 'Missing Classmates' link on the left to see the list.  Anyone you can help us find? 
On a lighter note, here is the group picture taken at the 40th.  If you tilt your bifocals just right, you may see someone you recognize.
November 2012
Our reunion committee met earlier this month and set the date. We have reserved the banquet hall at German Park for our event. The plan is to have a simpler, less formal, and hopefully less expensive event this time.
Also, we have a new development for our class scholarship this coming year. Jay Danner has asked us to name our scholarship in memory of his brother, our classmate Chris Danner who passed away in 2009. Jay has given us a donation and asks that all of his brother's friends in our class give in his memory to reach a goal of $1,000. Please give and please spread the word. Details on donations are at:'68scholarship
Summer 2012
Meet our 2012 scholarship recipient, Joshua Workman. He is off to Purdue this Fall to study sound engineering.

Our donors were:  Jane Ryker Ansty
                              Michele Alvis Harmon
                              Pat Huehls
                              Steve Hussey
                              Jan Russler
                              Doug Thompson
                              Sue Thompson
                              Gary Wells
                              Ken Wilson
Thanks for making it possible.
June 2011
We granted a scholarship this year! Thanks to those who donated! And we did this with only eight donors. Shouldn't we be able to get eighty donors for next year's??
December 2008 Update

It was fun! Some pictures have been posted (see link on the left). If you have some to add, please be in touch by email (  We need one of those group shots.  The electronic version of the directory should be available soon. Planning needs to start on the next reunion.  Please keep sending updates on who has been found and corrections to the directory or what is posted here. This website is hosted for free.  As long  at that is the case, it will remain up.  The email will also stay active, though won't get checked as often.


September 2008 Update #3

The "Who Will Be There" list has been updated again.  This is as close to a 'final' as we will get as the reunion is now less than a week away.  There is still a possibility to include maybe 10 more as the caterer figures in a little 'wiggle room' on the count.  If you want to come and are not signed up, please phone Ann (317)888-4591.  If you want to show up after dinner (after 8pm), admission will be $20 cash at the door. If you are not coming but want a copy of the printed directory, send a check for $10 to SHS 68 Reunion, P.O. Box 47073, Indianapolis, IN 46247-0073.  If you want an electronic copy of the directory, email your request to and it will be sent to you by return email.


September 2008 Update #2:

The 'Who Will Be There' has been updated as of 9-22-08.  There is still time to get your ticket (Just barely though).  If you want to come to the reunion act NOW.  (scroll down for where to send your check) Don't forget to bring treasures for the live auction fundrasier for our class scholarship (and put a minimum-bid tag on the item).  There will be an interesting mix of musical entertainment.  The class directory is at the printer.  Mistakes, omissions, and updates will be added to the electronic version of it which will be available sometime after the reunion.  Send and email request and you will receive it by return email.

September 2008 Update:

Order your tickets NOW!  $40 per person,  make checks payable to "SHS 68 Reunion" and mail to:

SHS 68 Reunion   c/o Ann Garrison
8203 Railroad Road
Indianapolis, IN 46217

August 2008 Update:

 Thanks to all whom have sent information for the directory or updates on missing classmates.  The missing list was updated Aug. 3rd.  More have been added for those whose postcards or emails have been returned.  Please check and email any info on them.

 Please send in information for updating the directory soon.  If we don't have it by Sept. 1st, it won't be in the directory.

 The committee met again July 16th.  The few who were there assembled a mailing to all the addresses we have.

 The old website has evaporated.  All future updates will be via this site.

 We hope to include a "Who's Coming" page to the links soon so you can see which of your old buddies will be there.

June 2008 Update:

 There was a meeting on June 4th .  Here are the highlights:

  Tickets will be $40 per person.  Please make your check payable to "SHS 68 Reunion" and mail to: 

SHS 68 Reunion   c/o Ann Garrison

8203 Railroad Road

Indianapolis, IN 46217

  We can't afford to pay a DJ so if we don't find a volunteer, music will be a bit scaled back from our last reunion.

  A directory will be published on paper and in electronic form.

  Post cards were sent to all we had postal addresses for but not email addresses.  A mass email will be sent to those shortly.

  A mailing of a more formal invitation letter and a request form for directory information will be put together at our next meeting (July 16th).

May 2008 Update:

 There was a meeting on April 27th.  Here are the highlights:

  The reunion will be held at Primo Banquet Hall, 2615 National Avenue.  Other details will be decided at future meetings.

  The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 4th at 6:30 pm (same location).  At that meeting we will put together a postcard mailing announcing the reunion to all the postal addresses we have.  There will be another mailing with more details at a later time.

  Efforts continue to find the missing.  The link on this webpage has the updated list of the missing as of the end of April.

April 2008 Update:

 There was a meeting on March 30th.  Here are some of the highlights:

  Date for the reunion is the evening of October 4th

  There is a big effort underway to get accurate contact information for   as many of our classmates as possible. (There will be a paper mailing to everyone for whom we can find addresses.) 

  Next meeting of the committee is April 27th, 3pm, at Paul Nordholt's flower shop on Madison.    

  We had 131 people at the 35th reunion (a few additional ones paid but couldn't get there).  Can we do better this time?

  There won't be many more mass emails.  Most will be sent only to the 20 or so folks who are working on the reunion.