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SHS Fall Sports 2014

posted Feb 13, 2013, 9:04 AM by Michael LeGage   [ updated Jul 17, 2014, 10:26 AM ]

The Fall 2014 season begins August 18th... Please see the schedule for the first day (below) --- the schedule for the remaining try-out period -- will be provided to players on the first day.

Monday, August, 18, 2014                               

Frosh Football                                   Practice - Turf    9:30am-11:30am/4:30pm-6:30pm            

JV Football                                          Practice - Turf    9:30am-11:30am/4:30pm-6:30pm            

Varsity Football                                 Practice - Turf    9:30am-11:30am/4:30pm-6:30pm            

First Team Field Hockey                Practice - Turf    7:30am-9:30am/12:30pm-2:30pm            

JV Field Hockey                                 Practice - Turf    7:30am-9:30am/12:30pm-2:30pm            

Varsity Field Hockey                       Practice - Turf    7:30am-9:30am/12:30pm-2:30pm            

B-First Team Soccer                        Practice - Grass/Turf       9:30am(Grass)/6:30pm-8:30pm(Turf)    

B-JV Soccer                                         Practice - Grass/Turf       9:30am(Grass)/6:30pm-8:30pm(Turf)    

B-Varsity Soccer                               Practice - Grass/Turf       9:30am(Grass)/6:30pm-8:30pm(Turf)    

G-First Team Soccer                        Practice - Grass/Turf       7:30am-9:30am(Grass)/2:30pm-4:30pm(Turf)    

G-JV Soccer                                        Practice - Grass/Turf       7:30am-9:30am(Grass)/2:30pm-4:30pm(Turf)    

G-Varsity Soccer                               Practice - Grass/Turf       7:30am-9:30am(Grass)/2:30pm-4:30pm(Turf)    

Cheering                                              Practice-High School - Café          8:30am-10:30am              

Boys Cross Country                         Practice-High School       5:00pm-7:00pm

Girls Cross-Country                         Practice-High School       8:00am-10:00am or 5:30pm-7:00pm        

Varsity Volleyball                             Practice - Alumni/Plummer         8:00am-12:00pm             

JV Volleyball                                       Practice - Alumni/Plummer         8:00am-12:00pm             

Varsity Golf                                        Practice-Willowdale        6:00am - tee time           

JV Golf                                                      Practice-Willowdale        6:00am - tee time

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