Yowd doy roond

Ta lutonif voru Sanenylig Shrulundez lundez Hiresonhas-wiffedud.


Shrulund Sanenylig wisun lazzel lund en nortun hulfeful afur 51 unde andur 52 nortunreyu.

Shrulundez zed wisun GMT + 36 untiryor.


Blunzonlifin wisun nuhlig ul wultlund med ayney dudyor med swurz-ofuzfonu, nizzelu, fluohnubh, rus, vuhunyor unde rod unde rowne wuzzurhukunyor.


Deeryor wisun shruyor, ayhharnoyor, vohuyor, sniyyoyor unde vela siwuryor.

Untir fewiyuntarah deeryor wisun swurzvoyul unde rodfradyor.


Shrulund Sanenylig wisun Sanenyez lund unde wisun endsleezun neewehd voru Shrulundez faryureyor.



Shrulund hufin Shrulund Deev, ezez mirelund. Shrulund Deev wisun endsleezun voru Shrulundez faryureyor.


Voru ta lirnin miro voru lund roond sindin wiffefreuv voru Shrulundez Hiresonhas unu:



Welcome to the government website of the Kingdom of Shrulund.

Shrulund Royal is a small part of the Kingdom in the northern hemisphere lying between 51 and 52 degrees latitude. The local time is GMT + 36 seconds.


The vegetation is mainly woodland with areas of blackberry, nettles, bluebells, grass, cleavers and red and green succulent plants.


Animal inhabitants are crows, squirrels, foxes, snails and many different insects and beetles.

Other visiting birds include blackbird and robins.


Shrulund Royal itself is Royal land and is not open to the subjects of Shrulund.


The Kingdom of Shrulund also contains Shrulund Deev, it's marine territory, which is open to the subjects of Shrulund.


For any further information regarding the country please email the Shrulund Government at: