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7/16/07: I added a FAQ page For all of my frequently asked questions. Not much more I can say on the subject.

6/24/07 Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long, but there hasn't been much news until now. I have put the official release date of Madness Mini 5 to somewhere in mid-July. This would constitute as anywhere between the 10th to the 20th. Be paitent, it's almost here, people!

5/29/07 I made a new Madness Mini 5 preview! You can take a peek on Newgrounds, or view it on Imageshack over in the projects page.

5/19/07 The Madness Mini Wiki has been updated, and added to the actual Madness Combat Wiki. Check it out at the link in the nav menu.

5/12/07 A Friend of mine asked me to link to a movie he's producing to create some hype. You can expect it on Madness Day. View It Here. Additionally, i have a new Madness Mini 5 screenshot, which you can view here.

5/7/07 Anyone feel like helping me out with a little sumpthin'-sumpthin'? It's nothing big, but it'd be cool if you could hop to this link for a second or so.

4/22/07 In the next few weeks, my domain subscription is going to expire, and I won't be resubscribing. At the moment, i'm in a quene for a .com domain, which may take a little while to get. For the people using my domain, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll have to use until I get my other domain.

4/11/07 Shrinkz Studios is ranked #271 on the Newgrounds Fan Net. Compared to the other 30,000 sites, I think this is excellent, but am hoping to pull it up a little further. If you want to help, click the link to Newgrounds in the affiliates section. I can't do it alone!

3/31/07 Madness Mini 5 is officially halfway done. Because of this checkpoint, I'm releasing 2 screenshots. You can view the first here, and the second one right here.

3/29/07 I created a Madness Mini Wiki. You can check it out here.

3/28/07 I figured things seemed to be running a little slower then usual, so I kicked out 8% on MM5 last night, making it 40% complete. Here, Have a screenshot.

3/24/07 Website remade with google webpage builder. I was beginning to hate Tripod, due to it's increasing popups and shit.