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Welcome to Shrinkz Studios, The home to any and all of my animations! I hope you enjoy the new layout. Hopefully i 'll actually have the time to do more to it.







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7/29/08 - The FAQ page was in desperate need of an update, so I tended to that. I also added my sponsor's link to the affiliates page. I was a little late on that one, but better late then never.

7/28/08 - Hey guys! Sorry for such a long break from news and crap, but it seems as though things are finally starting to pick up around here again. Madness Mini 6 has been restarted, and I should be starting on Madness: Pie 3 as soon as i'm well into that. On another note, I recently collaborated in a game with my sponsor, which you can play here. It's not special, but it's worth a play, I think. More updates to come. I promise.

3/17/08: I'm so sorry, guys. Everything's explained on my Newgrounds page. I haven't been able to let anyone know up until now, as the errors screwed up my internet program as well as practically everything else. for all the answers.

1/18/08: Hello all. Suprised that I actually updated two times in one month? I've been putting serious thought and a lot of practice into new styles, and may begin animating non-madness as soon as Madness: Pie 3 is complete. I've found that this step may require some startup costs, and as much as I hate them, I added a "Donate" button to the navbar. I really feel like a 100% hobo now, but my internship for my county's IT department doesn't pay, and i'm flat broke otherwise. Any amount puts me a step closer to new animations!

1/1/08: Happy new year, everyone! I'm a little ashamed to admit that I hadn't planned or updated anything for this news post, but wanted to just let everyone know that the site is not dying. Things have just been going really slowly around here the past few months, and i've had little to talk about or update. I'm not dead!

11/5/07: An update which would make all others seem insignificant. After a long wait, and some sad attempts down the line, Shrinkz Studios now has it's own URL. The dot com URL was taken in a really retarded act I made a while ago (Long story, don't ask), but I managed to grab, which is just as good. Googlepages doesn't allow access to DNS, so it's just going to redirect you, but hey, it's top-level, and it's the site's.

10/5/07: Whoa. I appear to be getting a lot of page impressions on the site. Well, to keep everything from becoming stale, I've decided to open up my junk section to the public. It's where I put any crap I make in my spare time. Check it out.

10/1/07: After a long year and a half of work, Madness Mini 5 was completed and submitted. Please drop me a line on how you liked/disliked the animation. I love to hear from the fans. Oh, here's the link: Madness Mini 5

9/22/07: Happy Madness Day! Sorry for the "long time, no update" thing, but there hasn't been much to talk about. I was originally going to submit an animation for today, but flash crapped up and i ended up losing the project, so to make up, I posted a screenshot on my Newgrounds page. View it here.


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