Images of Shrinking Women by xmag

other size changing web pages

The Minimizer's SW Site

Giantess City Forum

G-Zone - Shrinking Woman BBS

Sally's Babes of Toyland

Smaller's Size change

Incredible Shrinking Women Fan Page

The Cutie Collector's SW Spot


size related deviantART pages

Since most of my referrers come from deviantART I figured I'd share some of the ones I like.

alucards spirit






runs with ferrets 



computer graphic tools and content

DAZ|Studio (the base software is free. they have a lot of free items as well as a lot of great items to buy. also has user forums and tutorials to get you started)

ShareCG - Poser (lots of free content)

Poserworks (some great plugins for DAZ|Studio and Poser)

Pretty3D (more content some free)

Aery Soul (more content, forums, from time to time will create a limited time cg mesh)

Renderotica (similar to other content sites but caters to the more erotic in nature, some free stuff and galleries)

BAT laboratory (japanese site and tends to load slowly but they usually have great limited time cg meshes)
mirror site: BAT labs mirror

3d Sara (a cool little project with lots of free content for the Sara mesh, one version of the Sara mesh is free too in the DAZ forum freebies

Chohole's Space (victorian style clothing textures, you will need to buy the mesh first, most of which comes from DAZ3d)

Evil Innocence (lots of sexy outfits for lots of different cg meshes, some are free and some aren't)

Renderosity (lots and lots of content for any kind of cg creations. lots of stuff to buy as well as free stuff for poser and daz|studio)

DIGITAL CREATIONS (more content some free)