What I Do

As is the case with everyone I too have some hobbies.

I had been introduced to the game of basketball when I was in eighth standard. Back then I was a little hefty unlike now.
But when I came to college I started playing serious basketball. I love this game and am always ready to play. Learning it
has been a slow process for me as I find it difficult to learn team games but I have been trying my best. Also I am currently
addicted to table tennis. The best thing about this game is that I can play it for hours and not  
get tired thanks to those evening basketball games.

I also like to read novels. My genre of interest is sci-fi, motivational, mystery and humor. I have read a few P G Woodhouse's
and I love his style of writing. My favorites include Sherlock Holmes series, The curious incident of the dog in the night,
and Alchemist. I am also a fan of Harry Potter series and have read all of them.

I always have been fascinated to gadgets. As soon as I lay my hands upon one, I X-ray it till I have known it completely.
The passion for photography started when I was on a trip to Goa. The trip brings good as well as bad memories but it introduced
me to the world of digital cameras and so I am heavily thankful to that trip. I started taking it seriously after I came back to college.
We have different clubs running in our college every semester, which are looked after by students under the guidance of professors.
I thank my friend Subhashis Chand for his support in making me the club co-ordinator of IIIT Photography Club. I came in
contact with other enthusiast through flickr and the club that I have been running in my college and since then it has been a
constant learning process. My flickr account can be accessed at intothewild.

looove sports bikes. There isn't much to say about it currently other than that I have been loving them since I came into being. More on
this later when I buy a bike or maybe a sports bike.
Update: I now own a Yamaha R15 :)