Shri Das mahavidya Rituals

Dus Mahavidya rituals is very powerful tantrik ritual perform for to neutralize ill effects of all nine planets and get blessing of all ten powerful goddess .It can also perform for any specific reason ,like for to win any sort of court cases , for abundance of wealth , for to cure any sort of disease , for to defeat rivals , for to remove poverty for to bring luck and money and for to cure any type of black magic

In this ritual one should be perform all devi chanting 1.25 lake times each mahavidya mantra chanting and then perform dus mahavidya mahayagna
called fire rituals It should be perform with full faith and with proper technique to get blessing of all ten goddess.

It is one of the most powerful tantrik rituals perform by Shri dasmahavidhya sadhak Guru with lot of spiritual power and experience and it done by
keeping all precautionary measures

We also make all powerful kavach like dusmahavidya kavach (amulet) Baglamukhi kavach ,kamalatmika kavach with very secret method for powerful effects.