What is Pitra Dosh?

What is pitra Dosha: pitras are our own ancestors who have been thrown into pretha yoni or any other lokas and as a result of this they become extremely restless and sad and expect to get mukti from that state through the karma of their successors they are considered to be more important to a person than any other devathaas(excluding sadguru) as they will be having blood relationship with their successors. They are considered equal to Gods. as this body ours has come into existence because  of our ancestors, pitra dosha nivaran is considered to be a very important duty of a person. if the pitras are satisfied and happy with ur shraddha(actions offered with shraddha) they can bring joy and clear ur path to success in all

spheres. There are many rituals of pitra Dosha nivaran. Titr dosh is one of the biggest obstacle on the path to siddhi. Success is almost not possible if one has pitra dosh in ones life.