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                                               OCTOBER       Jeff Howard
            The winners received gift certificate with a value of $50.00  Thanks for supporting Rotary.

Community Project

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The 2014 Rotary Club Fundraiser and prize calendar is here!!!  There will be two prizes given away each month, minimum value of $50, to owners of the calendar.  Local Shrewsbury businesses have donated gift certificates or services to the Rotary club for this fundraiser. You may purchase the calendars at:

  • Central One Federal Credit Union
  • Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union
  • United Bank   
For a more in-depth discussion of the calendar, please visit: Video of interview.

University of Massachusetts NICI unit

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District 7910 Rotary Clubs and the pre-natal program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (directed by Dr. Alan Picarillo) have partnered to purchase web cams for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  This program, states Dr. Picarillo, "closes the gap between parents and their newborns but opens the door to true telehealth capabilities."

Please view the NICU web page at:


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Dr. Jean Borgatti was presented with a donation from the Shrewsbury Rotary Club to help fund the Books for Africa initiative. The donation was in honor of Barbara Graf who worked tirelessly for the literacy initiative while she was a member of the Shrewsbury

Cliff Gerber, Left, Jean Borgatti Center, and President Deb Hemdal, right.


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Jason Palitsch outreach coordinator for Veterans Inc. was the speaker for the last Club Meeting.  Jason explained that the Veterans Inc is the largest all-inclusive veteran's agency in New England and the first in the nation to provide residential services for female veterans and onsite preschool support support to female veterans and their children.

Veterans Inc. does much more than provide housing for the veterans—they are given the tools they need to rebuild their lives, gain their self-respect and reintegrate with their families and communities.  In short, they "save lives".

The Veterans Inc. model is a triangle of needs:  provide supportive service, employment and training, and affordable housing.

Veterans Inc. is open 24/7 with staff on duty around the clock.  Phone: 800.482.2565 and web:


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