Shrenik Lad, 
Masters (M.S) student in Computer Engineering,

(M): +1 540-250-2932
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1) I am joining Google, Mountain View office as a Software Engineer in June 2015!
2) I finished my Masters degree in Computer Engg at Virginia Tech!
3) Served as Program Committee Member / Reviewer for CVPR 2015
4) Served as Program Committee Member / Reviewer for ICVGIP 2014
5) Paper on Interactive Clustering accepted in ECCV 2014 
6) I completed my research internship in Engineering Sciences dept of Oxford University with Prof. Philip Torr.

About Me

I am a Masters student, researching in Computer Vision at Virginia Tech, USAI work with Dr. Devi Parikh in the Computer Vision Lab of Virginia Tech. My research mainly focuses on using Attributes to improve various Computer Vision tasks. In general, I am passionate about developing intelligent and fast machines that can perceive the world around us like humans (or better!) 

I completed my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. At IIIT, I worked on Parallel Processing with Dr. Kishore Kothapalli

Visiting Positions

1) University of Oxford, UK (Visiting Scholar, Summer 2014), Torr Vision Group.
2) Amazon, India (Software Development Intern, Summer 2012), Bangalore, India
3) TouchMagix Media Labs (Research Intern, Summer 2011), Pune, India.


Shrenik Lad, Devi Parikh
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2014  project page   poster

Shrenik Lad, Krishna Kumar Singh, Kishore Kothapalli, P.J. Narayanan
IEEE Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), Student Research Symposium 2012
(NVIDIA Best Poster Award using GPU Technologies)    poster

Technical Reports:

Shrenik Lad, Shaik Allauddin, "Real Time Hand Gestures Recognition for Human Computer Interaction", Digital Image Processing, Monsoon 2011 (pdf)
Guide: Prof. Jayanthi Sivaswamy

Shrenik Lad, Shaik Allauddin, "Image Search and Classification Systems for Caltech-101 Dataset", Computer Vision, Spring 2012 (pdf)
Guide: Prof. P.J. Narayanan

Shrenik Lad, "Automated Panorama Generation from multiple images", Computer Vision, Spring 2012 (pdf)
Guide: Prof. P.J. Narayanan

Shrenik Lad, "Fast Interactive Sand Simulation for Gesture Tracking systems" (ppt)
Guide: Mr. Vivek  Mehta, Mr. Anup Tapadia (TouchMagix)

(Last Updated: 2 Sept 2014)