The Aryadurga temple is located on "katal" (sheet rock formed out of volcanic activity) of Devihasol village in Rajapur taluka of Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra. It is around 200-225 years old.Shree Aryadurga temple was initially located in Anjandweep Island near Karwar Port in present karnataka.Portuguese attacked Anjandweep Island in about 1505 AD.Some Kamat family members from Binge Village were looking after the temples at that time.They removed the idol of Aryadurga at night time from Anjandweep Island and took the idol in their Binge village in karnataka and established a small temple there. A malayali person has helped Kamat family to take devi out of that island. During Tipu Sultans time who was ruling Mysore , Shree Aryadurga devi's idol was shifted to Ankola in North Karnataka about 25 kms south of Karwar due to the fear of destruction of temples in Binge village. Since Tipu Sultan was ruling in the last quarter of 18th century Shree Aryadurga temple at Ankola must have been built in that period.

One Late Shree Palasule-Desai was staying in the village Devi Hasol Taluka Rajapur who was devotee of Shree Aryadurga Devi. He used to go to Ankola every year. Since there was no means of transport he used to go walking to Ankola. After few years he became old and he prayed to Devi that now it was not possible for him to visit the temple again. He was very sorry and his eyes were full of tears and he started returning back to Devi Hasol. It is said that at that night Devi gave him sakshatkar in the dream that you go to your native place and I will come to your native place along with you and I will stay in Devi Hasol and while walking you don't look back. Desai continued his journey back to Devi Hasol.He was continuously listening the sound of Painjanas of Shree Devi Aryadurga. Desai came to his village Devihasol at that time the sound of Panjanas stopped. So he turned Back and Ashtabhuja Aryadurga devi gave him darshan and said to him that she is going to stay in the village Devi Hasol and her footprints will be seen embossed in that katal. And then Shree Aryadurga disappeared. The Temple was constructed there after few years.

It is said that Palsule Desai constructed small Ghumati and started worshipping there. According to Dajirao Vichare of DeviHasol Village who was my neighbour who expired at age of 85 in 1970 the temple was constructed by my Ancestors one MR GOPAL KRISHNA WAGLE who was in the court of Peshwas. Also According to Mr. Vasudeo Surve age about 83-84 who is staying in Devi Hasol in Nivai wadi the very big wooden bars which are still there were brought from village of Prabhanvalli. According to Dajirao vichare the name of Gopal Krishna Wagle was written on the wooden bars. After the death of Gopal Krishna Wagle some mischievous people scratched the name of Gopal Krishna Wagle from that bars.

In the year 1966-67 the people from the village and the then Mankaris of temple requested my father late Shri Sadanand Sitaram Wagle and his brother late Shree Gajanan Sitaram Wagle to carry our the renovation work of the temple. At that time I was 17-18 years old. And the renovation took almost one and half years. All new Mangalore tiles, wooden bars and painting work etc. was carried out by spending about Rs. 19000/- at that time. The villagers of Devihasol also helped them free of cost for carrying the materials etc to the temple from various places. The Marble Plate of Garbhaghar shows the names of my father and uncle who have carried out this work. Shree Aryadurga is our Gram Daivat (God of the village). And I have constructed a toilet and a bathroom for all the Bhaktas of Shree Aryadurga about 15 years back and water supply is made from a well which is 1800 ft away from the temple.

Now some people have constructed Sabha Mandap in front of the Aryadurga Temple by contributing through donations.The temple is now managed by a trust (Gramadevata Shree Aryadurga and Shree Jakadevi Trust Devihasol) which is registered at Charity Commissioners office.The Daily Puja is performed by a Karhade Brahmin appointed by the trust and Bhavik Puja is performed everyday by the Guravs of Devihasol village.

My family has constructed an office for the day to day work of the trust.There was one kitchen (pakshala) which was constructed by the Gurjar Padhye from Kasheli village in the year 1930.The said pakshala had become dilapidated. So  villagers have constructed new RCC pakshala in the same place recently by contributing through donations.

Every year Navratri is celebrated in Ashwin mas (Hindu month of Ashwin) and on Margashirsha Vadya Ashtami a "jatra" (fair) is held and a crowd of  more than 40,000 people attend the Jatra during the night. Shree Devi Navdurga from neighboring Village Bhalavli is brought to meet Shree Aryadurga devi after midnight and returns back to Bhalavli next day evening in an interesting celebration. The crowd which are full of enthusiasm welcomes Shree Navdurga at midnight.The mankaris of the Devihasol village welcome Shree Navdurga and the mankaris of Bhalavli village with pomp.

There was no vehicular road near the temple. My father Late Shree Sadanand Sitaram Wagle took more than 2 months for construction of the road which goes to Bhalavli from Rajapur passing  through the temple complex. He also took initiative to start ST service from Rajapur to Bhalavli about 35 years back.

The direct ST bus service is availabe from Mumbai Central to Devi Hasol & Bhalavli. I humbly say that this ST service was restarted through Shri Suresh Prabhu the then Minister Govt Of India and MP of Rajapur by my personal efforts. Recently the ST service was stopped and again restarted by my personal efforts

This information is given as known to me from my childhood by my Parents and Neighbours of Devihasol village. Any person who wants  more information can visit me At Hotel Dattatraya Shivaji Park, Dadar Mumbai 28.