Show Your Game: Your Lens

Your Homepage - Your Blog - Your Wiki - Your Lens - All That Jazz A Few Dollars More

Even if you're familiar with blogs and wikis, a lens may not be a familiar idea.  The brainchild of marketer and author Seth Godin, they are a network of topic-oriented pages that each exist to answer a particular question or be a single point of reference about a particular topic.  While rumor has it that Google is working on a comparable service, these are currently found under the auspices of a service called Squidoo.

Making the lens is easy - the whole site is dedicated to make it as easy and friendly as possible.  Even if you only us itas a place to put links to your other sites, it's no problem to get it up and running.  Now, I'll be frank;  lenses are ugly as hell, and they're still a fringe market, but they're growing, and it is a trivial enough matter to get ahead of the curve and just get a lens in place for your game.