Puppy PicturesShow-Me Boykins of Charlotte, N.C. started with its first Boykin Spaniel "CoCo" after a year or more of searching in 1996. We lived just outside of St. Louis, Missouri and were doing a lot of Upland hunting with a friend and his Brittney Spaniels. He had this one small female that didn’t roam way out in front of us and would get down in the ditches covered with snow and bust the pheasant up out of the ditches. After a lot of research trying to find a breed that acted like this little Brittney, we came across the Boykin Spaniel. It wasn’t long until we brought our second little Boykin home in 1997 and it's all history from there. My original intentions were to have the best upland hunting dog around and came really close with Buster. He loved to hunt, would retrieve anything that hit the ground and bring it to about 3 feet, drop it, and back to hunting. That was fine with me until I entered him in a BSS national field trial and realized he could care less about delivery to hand or waiting on me to let him know when it was ok to take off after a retrieve. All of this was really ok for me because I wanted a hunting dog that loved to be with me in the field, truck or at home by the fire, and that is exactly what Buster was and is. Approaching 10 years of age, he is slowing down a little, but is still the love of our family. Buster also has a bunch of little Buster's out there that are pleasures to their families. We have had as many as ten Boykin’s at one time, as few as three, and currently back up to seven, each one of them a love to our family and friends. We have a couple of litters a year but is a hobby for me that I love. If you are searching for a Boykin pup, I will do everything I can to help you locate a Boykin for Life, be it one of our pups or a friends pup. I will suggest to you that a male Boykin is a more loving sex than a female at least in our bloodline, so try not to limit your selection to only females unless its for breeding purposes. I wish you the best in your search and welcome hearing, talking or visiting with you at our kennels just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. We also have a Fostering program for Adult Boykin’s. Please review our BLOG for details. (In 2010, Buster went to dog heaven, but his memory is with us every day. We have two new dads, Show-Me Sam Bo and Show-Me Leo. Both are just under 3 years of age and both received OFA Excellent Hip Reports this year. Our girls are Berry, Reese, Tater and Candi. 

Bob Makla

Show-Me Boykins

514 Simpson Road

Indian Trail, N.C. 28079