Assessment Rubric

Peer assessments are submitted as comments to projects posted in the community.  Before you perform an assessment on a cohort, first review the rubric we use to measure each other's contributions.  A "bare minimum" score of 3 is required to pass certification.

 Category       Unsatisfactory       Bare Minimum  Satisfactory Effort and Performance     Above and Beyond
 Creative Design 0: No redesign or irrelevant redesign compared to standard models. 1: Student's redesign is not significantly different and seems unlikely to serve a real need. 2: Student's redesign is significantly different but seems unlikely to serve a real need.3: Student's redesign is significantly different and seems to serve a real need.
 In Air Performance 0: No evidence given of in air performance. 1: Airplane does not fly. 2: Flight performance is poor. 3:  Flight performance exceeds expectations
 Documentation and Presentation 0:  Photos and videos did not show interesting moments. 1:  Some interesting points were mentioned but not illustrated in detail. 2. At least two interesting points were mentioned and illustrated. 3.  More than two interesting points were mentioned and illustrated.