Pokemon Ash Journey (PVID-v-2-0-0-0)

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Pokemon Ash Journey
Pokemon Ash Journey v-2000
is the Second GBA game Build by 
Shovraj Sengupta Games or 
(SS) Games at (2018)

This is a mix of 2 gba file one of them is Pokemon Ash Journey P-1 in kanto Region & the other one is Pokemon Ash Journey P-2 in johto Region.

The Story starts at kanto region the gba file follows the ash story.
The Version of these two file is:
(Fire Red)
The Pokemon Fire Red version was build by:
Nitando,Pokemon Company,Game Freak Creature.inc.

The Pokemon Fire Red Project Started at 1995 and ended at 2004
but Pokemon Fire Red was Re-Build
(SS) Games at (2018) Then the
(SS) Games
Build a Totally New Region the johto Region in Game Boy Advance World.

And now we have two story of Ash
one in Kanto another one in Johto
So now Enjoy.

(All Rights Reserved)
To the Author of Pokemon Ash Journey v-2000:
Mr. Shovraj Sengupta.
File Information:
Product Version ID or PVID is
File format: GBA
File size: 10.7 MB
Download link:

Credits To Pokemon Fire Red Team For Making Pokemon Fire Red Version:
Pokemon Company,Nintendo,Game Freak.inc & Creature.inc


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