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Shouyong Shi



David C. Smith Chair Professor

Queen's University

Email: shi.shouyong{at}queensu{dot}ca 

New research and publications:

"Sequentially Mixed Search and Equilibrium Price Dispersion," published version: Journal of Economic Theory 213 (2023) 105735. (

"Endogenous Procyclical Liquidity, Capital Reallocation, and q," (with Melanie Cao). Published version: International Economic Review 64 (2023), 95-128. (doi: 10.1111/iere.12594).

On Covid-19: "Knowledge, Germs, and Output," published version: Review of Economic Dynamics 48 (2023), 297-319. ( (Go to publications and papers for a link to Matlab codes).

"Wealth Accumulation, On the Job Search and Inequality," (with Gaston Chaumont), published version: Journal of Monetary Economics 128 (2022), 51-71. (

"Should Buyers Or Sellers Organize Trade in a Frictional Market?" (with Alain Delacroix), 2018, QJE 133, 2171-2214.

"Post-Match Investment and Dynamic Sorting between Capital and Labor," 2018.

"Learning, On-the-Job Search and Wage-Tenure Contracts," (with Kevin Fawcett), 2018.

"Efficient Investments, Job Dynamics and Frictional Dispersion," 2018.

"Long-Run Sectoral Reallocation, Job to Job Transitions, and Earnings Inequality: An Empirical Investigation," (with Florian Hoffmann and Anton Laptiev), 2016.