Shourya Roy 

Area Manager, Human Computation

Xerox Research Centre India

Experience and Expertise

Area Manager, Human Computation, at Xerox Research Center India(May 12 - Present):

Responsible for Xerox Innovation Group's Research in Human Computation Area in Xerox Reseach Centre India.

Open Innovation Manager at Xerox Research Center India(June 09 - April 12):

In this role, Shourya was responsible for leading research initiatives in areas pertaining to Services innovation with special focus on Emerging Markets. In addition, Shourya looked after identifying and leveraging opportunities for technology partnership with academic institutions and business partners.

Technical Staff Member at IBM Research, India (July 02 - May 09): 

Shourya had been a part of the Information and Knowledge Management group in IBM Research, India and worked on several projects related to text and Web mining. Over a big part of that time, he was involved and later led a project towards building an infrastructure for analytics for Contact Centers with specific application of Customer Satisfaction analysis.  Later, he was involved in various efforts on market analysis, pricing, legal, contracts, etc. for execution of services and licensing deals