The Lan studio strives to advance optical science and technology via researching photon-photon, photon-electron, and photon-phonon interactions in structures primarily at the nanoscale.

Most Recent Publications:

"Preserving spin states upon reflection: linear and nonlinear responses of a chiral meta-mirror"
L. Kang, S. Rodrigues, M. Taghinejad, S. Lan, K. Lee, Y. Liu, D. Werner, A. Urbas, and W. Cai, Nano Letters, 17, 7102-7109 (2017)

"Dark plasmonic modes in diatomic gratings for plasmoelectronics"
S. Lan*, S. P. Rodrigues*,  M. Taghinejad, and W. Cai, Laser & Photonics Reviews,
1600312 (2017)

"Intensity-dependent modulation of optically active signals in a chiral metamaterial"
S. P. Rodrigues*, S. Lan*, L. Kang, Y. Cui, P. Panuski, S. Wang, A. M. Urbas, and W. Cai, Nature Comm., 8, 14602 (2017)