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*Please see bottom of page for information about additional charity to benefit families who lost loved ones in the school massacre in Newtown, CT.

In the second half of December, 2012, in various locations across the globe, a year-end punch-and-kick-a-thon will take place to benefit various charitable organizations.  This international fund-raising event is being overseen by Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate, headquartered in Redwood City, California. 


Participants will attempt to perform 2013 repetitions of a traditional karate front kick and/or 2013 reverse-punch in a single session.  This is very challenging even for the best of athletes.  Some participants will likely not be able to complete all 2013 repetitions of either.  But many will try, in an effort to help with fund-raising as best they can.


At SVSK's headquarters location in Redwood City, the punch&kick-a-thon is scheduled to take place on December 20th, 7-9pm.  At our Palo Alto location (kids' classes), we will have our kick-a-thon events the same week, doing several hundred repetitions of kicks (no punches).

The first benefiting charity for the SVSK events will be Direct Relief International. Direct Relief is currently focusing on cleanup on the US east coast following Hurricane Sandy. They are involved in various relief efforts around the country and the world and are among the most highly rated charities.

Please see the following link to see the latest on our charity-raising efforts or to make a donation.


***Please note that we are adding a second charity option to benefit the families who lost loved ones in the Newtown, CT school massacre of December 14th. FYI- Our dojo's Chief Instructor, Jon Keeling, grew up in Newtown. The charity is United Way of Western Connecticut. Please feel free to make donations directly but email jon@jkasv.com to let him know you are doing this in support of our efforts.